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There is/There are

1. Use there IS for singular nouns (one item).
2. Use there IS for non-count items(group nouns).
3. Use there ARE for many items (plural nouns).

There is a spider on the wall.
There is milk on the floor.
There are pencils on my desk.

Listen and complete (write) the conversation.

Sandra: What time is it?
Jeff: __________________________________
Sandra: I’m hungry! Is there a snack bar near here?
Jeff: Yes, there is.
Sandra: How far is it?
Jeff: About_____________________________
Sandra: Great. Let’s go!

Listen and complete the table.

Yes, there is No. there isn’t How far is it?
Is there a movie theater near here?
Is there a DVD rental store?
Is there a shopping mall?

Use the conversation prior to complete (write) the conversation.

A: Is________a movie theater________the snack bar? B:Yes, there is.
A: How _________is it? B: It’s about_____________________.
A: And is there a ________________? B: No, there isn’t.

Portafolio de evidencias: Near your house.
• Make a list of five interesting or useful places near your house (a DVD rental store, a supermarket, etc.)
• Work in pairs:vFind out if your partner has the same places near his or her house.
Is there a … near your house? How far is it?

There’s a new shopping mall on Park Street.
There are two enormous department stores and a big supermarket. There’s a fantastic movie theater (with twelve screens), five banks and a good gym. There are seven excellent restaurants and there are lots of interesting stores, including a big music store.
All this and easy parking, too!
Come visit us!

Answer the questions.
1. How many department stores are there?_______________________
2. How many banks are there? ________________________________
3. Is there a music store? ________________________________
4. Is there a supermarket? _______________________________

Complete the sentences with there is/ there are.
1. There ______________lots of stores
2. How many restaurants__________ _____________
3. ___________there a Mexican restaurant?
4. There __________ seven restaurants.
5. __________is a movie theater.
6. There __________a gym.

Game: Group memory.
• Play in small groups. Read the ad the Park Street.
• Close your book and make sentences about the mall. Use There’s a … and There are…
• The group with the greatest number of correct sentences wins.

There is (der is) (hay) = se usa para expresar que algo o alguien existe (singular).
There are (der ar) = se usa para expresar que muchas cosas o personas existen (plural).
There is a chair in the classroom.
(der is a che..r in de clasrum)
(hay una silla en el salón de clases)

There are 20 persons there
(der ar 20 persons der).
(hay 20 personas allí)

"there is" and "there are" se derivan de "there be (der bi) (haber "de existir")".

+) there is a table in your house.
--) there isnot a table in your house.
?) Is there a table in your house?.
+) there are 10 students in the class.
--) there aren´t 10 students in the class.
?) Are there 10 students in the class?.

Cuando "there be" se combina o se fusiona con "going to be", forman la siguiente expresión:

There is going to be (der is gouing tu bi) (va a haber...) = singular.
There are going to be (der ar gouing tu bi) (va a haber...) = plural.
there is going to be an action movie on the cinema.
(der is gouing tu bi an acshion muvi on de cinema)
(va a haber una película de acción en el cinema)

there are going to be 10 students in this class.
(der ar gouing tu bi 10 students in dis clas)
(va a haber 10 estudiantes en esta clase)

Complete the following dialogue:

1) Hello!, What is _________(tu) name?.
2) __________(mi) name is _______________.
1) Are you and _________(tus) parents from mexico?.
2) Yes, they _______ (son) from mexico.
1) Are _________(tus) friends from Veracruz city?.
2) No, they _________(no son).

Complete these sentences:

_________(sus) names are ____________________________.
Is ________(tu) name mary?. Is _______(su) name Fred?.
Are _______(nuestras) houses nice and expensive?.
_________(son) Angel and Susan _______(sus) names?.
I want you to be ______(mi) friend.
This english course is _____(de) Omar Ali Caldela.
My parents´ house ____(es) very nice.
Monica is going to kiss ________(su) boyfriend.
_______(son) these _______(tus) friends?.
_______(hay) a nice town near here.
_______(hay) many pets around here.

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