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Adjetivos calificativos.

Los adjetivos calificativos se usan generalmente antes del nombre o sustantivo, no cambiando de forma con el número (singular o plural), utilizando también el verbo to-be, son los que nos dicen como es el sustantivo.

1. How many diligent students are there in your class?
2. Where are the diligent students?
3. What is there on my clean desk?
4. How many dirty windows are there in this classroom?
5. Where are the dirty papers?

Exploring Grammar.

Lee estas oraciones colocando el adjetivo calificativo en el lugar que le corresponde.

1. Henry is a big boy.
2. Mary is a girl.
3. Fred is a student.
4. Mr. Jones is in the classroom.
5. This is a window.
6. This is a box.
7. This box is big.
8. This boy is Mike.
9. This book is not on my desk.
10.There is a store in the corner.


Fill the blank with the adjectives.

Montreal is a beautiful city in Canada. It’s a very modern city with friendly people.
There are lots of _________ buildings in Montreal. The streets are _________________
And there are squares with __________statues. There are lots of museums, nice cafes and restaurants, too.

Portafolio de evidencias.
Write a short article about San Francisco. Use the notes below.
San Francisco is a beautifull city in the U.S. It’s an old city with friendly people.
There are…
San Francisco is a … for a vacation.

Washington, D.C.
Is the capital of the us.
It is a big city.
There are of things to see in Washington,D.C.
The National Mall is very popular with tourist.
There is a statue of Abraham Lincoln there, the Lincoln Memorial, and a very beautiful monument, the Washington Monument.
The Capitol is a very busy place. It is a famous for its beautiful dome.
Georgetown is a famous area in Washington,D.C.
There are lots of old houses and also lots of restaurants there.
The White House is where the President of the U.S. lives. It is very big and beautiful.
Washington,D.C. is a wonderful city. It is a great place for a trip.

Read again and complete the sentences

1. The __________________of the US is Washington,DC.
2. The statue of Abraham Lincoln is in ______________________________________
3. There are lots of _____________________________in Georgetown.
4. The US President live in _______________________________________________

Portafolio de evidencias: Make a poster of you country’s capital city.
• Name
• What there is there?
• Your opinion about the place.
Portafolio de evidencias.
Write a short paragraph about things you have in your bedroom.

Choose the capital.
1. Illinois A Chicago B Springfield
2. Texas A Houston B Austin
3. MassachusettsA Boston B Salem
4. Arizona A Tuscon B Phoenix
5. California A Los Angeles B Sacramento
6. Florida A Tallahassee B Miami
7. Ohio A Akron B Columbus
8. New York A New York cityB Albany
9. Washington A Olympia B Seattle
10.Pennsylvania A Harrisburg B Philadelphia

Portafolio de evidencias:
Write a description of one of the other people in the school.

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