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Artículos definidos (the) e indefinidos (a, an)

Artículo indefinido a y an un, una.

Se usa a antes de sonido de consonante:
A table, a uniform.
Usa an antes de sonido vocálico:
An orange, an honest boy.

Aprende a usar el artículo definido the (el, la, los, las)The para:
• Femenino: the girl.
• Masculino: the boy.
• Neutro: the desk.

The para:
Sngular: the boy.
plural: the boys
the (con sonido da) para:
• House
• Box
• Boxuniversity.
(Antes de sonido consonante)

The (con sonido di) para:
• Orange
• Honest man
• Umbrella
(Antes de sonido vocal)

Exploring Grammar

Escribe estas palabras anteponiendo the a cada una. Cuidando las pronunciación del artículo.
1. ________table.
2. ________péncil.
3. ________girls
4. ________hour
5. ________pen
6. ________chairs
7. ________books
8. ________teachers
9. ________student
10. ________orange
11. ________things
12. ________apples
13. ________desks
14. ________boy
15. ________box
16. ________unbrella
17. ________notebook
18. ________blackboard
19. ________elephant
20. ________insect
21. ________university
22. ________uniform
23. ________honest man
24. ______ house.

Escribe antes de cada nombre: This is a… or This is an …
1. _________________book
2. _________________umbrella
3. _________________table
4. _________________apple
5. _________________house
6. _________________student
7. _________________piece of chalk
8. _________________honest man
9. _________________uniform
10. _________________notebook
11. _________________elephant
12. _________________man
13. _________________woman
14. _________________chair
15. _________________orange
16. _________________desk
17. _________________university
18. _________________teacher
19. _________________box
20. _________________house
21. _________________insect
22. _________________pencil
23. _________________hour
24. ______________blackboard

Listen and repeat.

The alphabet

Aa Hh Oo Vv
Bb Ii Pp Ww
Cc Jj Qq Xx
Dd Kk Rr Yy
Ee Ll Ss Zz
Ff Mm Tt
Gg Nn Uu

Ask and answer questions in pair, as in the example.
A: What’s this? A: What color is it?
B: It’s a book B: It’s brown.

Listen and repeat. Count from 1-20 in turns.
1 one
2 two
3 three
4 four
5 five
6 six
7 seven
8 eight
9 nine
10 ten
11 eleven
12 twelve
13 thirteen
14 fourteen
15 fifteen
16 sixteen
17 seventeen
18 eighteen
19 nineteen
20 twenty

Portafolio de evidencias.
Read and match the words with colors.

There are so many colors,
We see them every day.
The sky is blue, the grass is green
The clouds are white or gray.

The world is full of colors,
It’s wonderful to see.
Lovely bright colors,
Look at them with me.

Flowers are red or orange,
Yellow, pink or blue.
I want to take the flowers
And give them all to you.

Complete the rules with a or an.
____ice cream cone

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