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Adjetivos posesivos

Adjetivos posesivos (indican posesión)
My = mío
Your = tuyo, suyo
His = suyo (de él)
Her = suyo (de ella)
Its = suyo (neutro)
Our = nuestro
Your = suyo (de usted, de ustedes)
Their = suyo ( de ellos)

1. Completa las frases que están a la derecha con el adjetivo posesivo correspondiente al pronombre personal indicado.
________________ BOOK
________________ BOOKS
________________ HOUSE
________________ HOUSES

________________ FRIEND
________________ FRIENDS
________________ NAME
________________ NAMES

_________________ DOG
_________________ DOGS
_________________ DESK
_________________ DESKS





Liz: Let’s see the picture. Oh, who’s he? He’s good looping!
Laura: That’s my brother Sergio.
Liz: How old is he?
Laura: He’s 20. He’s at collage in mexico.
Liz: Too bad! And who’s she?
Laura: She’s my little sister Lety. She’s 13. And here are our cousins Mario and Sandra. Their mother is our father’s sister.
Jason: And are these your grandparents’
Laura: Yes. They’re our father’s parents. They live in Guadalajara.

Circle the correct form
1. His/He is my brother. 3. They’re her/hers cousins.
2. This is our/we’re sister, Susan.
4. She is they/their mother.
5. Are they your/yours sisters?
6. He is my/me brother.

Work in pairs.
A: Describe your family tree.
B: Draw your partner’s family tree. Then change roles.
A. Miguel is my grandfather and Lourdes is my grandmother.
They’re my mother’s parents. My mother’s name is…

Check your partner’s work.

Match the countries (1-12) Listen and check your answers.
1. Italy a) German
2. Canada b) British
3. Brazil c) Chinese
4. Turkey d) Greek
5. Poland e) Portuguese
6. Britain f) Brazilian
7. US g) Argentinian
8. China h) Canadian
9. Greece i) Turkish
10. Argentina j) Italian
11. Germany k) Polish
12. Portugal l) American

Read & Listening

Principal: Good morning, class. This is Mr. Hammond. He’s your new teacher.

Mr. Hammond: Good morning, class.

Class. Good morning sr.

Student A: Where are you from, Mr. Hammond?

Mr. Hammond: I’m from Portland,Oregon.

Student B: Where’s that?

Mr. Hammond: It’s in the U.S.
Read the first three sentences.
Where is Mr. Hammond? ________________________________________
What is his job?______________________________________________
What nationality is Mr Hammont? ______________________________

1. Karl-Berlin- Germany.
2. Bianca-Milan- Italy.
3. Pedro & Catalina- Sao Paulo- Brazil.
4. Astrid –Bergen- Norway.
5. Lee-Beijing-China.
6. Vidonia-(27)- Portugal.
7. Chuck. (59). U.S.
8. Olga-(21) México.
9. Momoko & Hiro-(32) Japan

Responde las preguntas con la información anterior.

A: Where’s karl from?
B: He’s from Berlin
A. Berlin? Where’s thath?
B: It’s in Germany.
A: How old is Vidonia?
B: She’s 27
A: Wath nationality is she?
B: She’s Portuguese.

Portafolio de evidencias.
Present yourself to the class, Say your name, your age and your nationality.
Listen and repeat. In turns, count from 21-100

21 twenty- one 26 twenty-six 40 forty 90 ninety
22 twenty-two 27 twenty-seven 50 fifty 100 a hundred
(one hundred)
23 twenty- three28 twenty-eight 60 sixty 1000 a thousand
(One thousand)
24 twenty-four 29 twenty-nine 70 seventy
25 twenty-five 30 thirty 80 eighty

Portafolio de evidencias:
The celebrity Poster. Attach pictures of famous people onto a piece of paper. Write each person’s name,age, and nationality.

Exploring Grammar
Completa la segunda oración con el adjetivo posesivo que corresponde al sujeto de la primera oración.

1. Mary is my friend.

2. Joe is a young boy.

3. The students are bright.

4. I am a good boy.

5. Betty and Alice are pretty girls.

6. You are a good student.

7. Helen and i are friends.

8. You are good students.

9. Jack is a policeman.

10. The dog is big.

______mother is my teacher.
______father is in the office.
______class is interesting.
______books are not on the floor.
______mother is a nice lady.
______books are clean.
______desks are near the teacher.
______sentences are correct.
______dog is useful.
______name is prince.

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